Omega Chi Epsilon at University of Maryland

The objective of this chapter shall be to recognize and promote high scholarship, original investigation, and professional service in Chemical Engineering while abiding by all established university policies.​

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2017-2018 Board Members
​From left-to-right: Wei-Lee Wu, Sophie Dietrich, Jeffrey Klauda (advisor), Soliver Fusi, and Jad Jabar
2017-2018 OXE Board Members:

Prof. Jeffery B. Klauda, Faculty Advisor

Wei-Lee Wu, President

Soliver Fusi, Vice President

Jad Jabar, Secretary

Sophie Dietrich, Treasurer​


Annika Vaerst, Social Media Coordinator​​​​​​

Megan Le, Initiation Coordinator

Ana Galvao, Tutoring Services Coordinator

Stephanie Baylouney, Community Service Coordinator 

Executive Board Compendium

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OXE Chapter Constitution