About the Tutoring Program
Tutoring in the Spring 2017 semester is offered in the form of weekly guided study sessions. Extra sessions may also be offered before exams. Please look for department e-mails regarding those sessions.

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Spring 2017 Schedule
CHBE 424 (H&M) Mondays 4-5P.M. in Chem Nuc 2136
CHBE 426 (Seps.) Tuesdays 4-5P.M. in Chem Nu 2118

CHBE 302 (Thermo II) Fridays 12-1P.M. in Chem Nuc 2118

CHBE 101 (M&E Balances) Thursday 11-12P.M. in the AIChE Lounge in Chem Nuc

Should you have any feedback for improving our services, or have any questions about them, please contact us at oxetutoring.umd@gmail.com .